Tournament Hindi Premier League 3 announcement and manager signups

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Approved by Nol and Teclis . OP influenced by BLT 8

I am pleased to announce the third edition of the Hindi Premier League. This is the first time this event is open to the public

XpRienzo and I will host this tournament.
This is a team tour with 8 teams. Each team will consist of 12 players 8 of which will start in a tie. 6 out of the 8 starters have to be Hindi speakers and the rest is open to the public. Similarly 8 of the 12 players in a team have to be Hindi speakers.

Four of the formats for the tournament are fixed and they are: SS OU SS OU Nat Dex AG and SS Random Battles
The other 4 tiers will be decided via a public vote.
Click on this link to vote

The four tiers have been decided via a public vote. They are LC Ubers 1V1 and Monotype.
In other words the 8 tiers in this tournament will be
SS Ubers
SS 1V1
SS Monotype
SS Random Battles
Nat Dex AG

Manager signups will commence on the 24th of July
Player signups will commence on the 31st of July

The tournament will start in September. A Snake Draft will be conducted towards the end of August to pick the players.

For this year's format, teams will be fighting in a round robin where every team will play every other team. At the end of the round robin, the top four teams will move on to the playoffs where the first seed will play the fourth seed and the second seed will play the third seed to determine who will be this year’s finalists. A win will be worth 2 points, a draw 1, and a loss 0.

Activity Calls

Make contact with your opponents! Every season we have to make activity calls that displease one party member. To prevent this, post a VM on their Smogon wall to try to set a date for the battle. If you do this via any other medium, save logs and screenshots so that in the event of an activity call, you get it to go your way. Leave time zones, preferred time to play, and be specific. No activity calls will be made if neither team's players or managers post about it, so take initiative on that.

Dead Games

In the event that a game is not played and neither teams post for an activity call, it will be declared a dead game, which means that the game will be taken as to not exist. This will also be the case if an activity post is made but neither players showed a satisfactory level of activity. Schedule properly to not let these occur!

What if there is a tie ?

We will have a best-of-three be played. Each manager will have 24 hours to choose one tier after the tie has been announced. Failure to comply will result in their choice being defaulted to SWSH OU. In addition to the two manager picks, the third tier will be SWSH OU. The managers will announce their picks in the thread or via PM to me or Xprienzo, and will then submit their lineups for the three tiers. This will only come into effect in the event that there is a tie during the playoffs.

Will there be prizes?

A Team Custom Avatar for the winning team:
Starting this year, the winning team of HPL will be awarded a team avatar of their choosing subject to approval by PS! Upperstaff.

Standard tournament scheduling and sportsmanship rules apply.


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Manager signups are now open. You can use this thread to sign up. Please note this tournament starts in September and lasts for 9 weeks. Please do not signup if you will be unavailable for extended periods of time. There's a difference between not being free for a few days and completely disappearing for a long time. The former is allowed but the latter is not. Managers are allowed to play but the usual eligibility rules mentioned above apply. Manager slots are open to the public but it helps to know about the community as the majority of players slots are reserved for Indians/Hindi speakers. Please make sure to use the below mentioned format

List of Accomplishments: (Please mention only competitive Pokémon related Accomplishments)

Do not use this thread for anything else. You can contact the hosts for further queries.
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Manager: Ashbala
Timezone: GMT +5.5
List of Accomplishments: Managed NDWC and Managing RUWC for Team India. Managed many side team tours in discord which my team went playoffs. Played last year HPL and went 6-1 in monotype, monotype BLT this year where i topped SM rankings and my team won the tour. Knows about Indian playerbase quite very well for a long time.
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Manager: Greentea570
Timezone: Gmt +5:30
List of accomplishments: i captained 3 teams across different PLs and had a good run in all of them ( won 1 and semis going on in 1 rn and last week in 1)and also was part of the winning team last season.I've been in hindi room from 2 years.I am in HPL from s1 and i do know quite a lot of players in our hindi room playerbase and i do believe i am doing well as a player too.Will be looking forward to a hype season regardless of i will get picked or not and also ty for hosting this soon since alot of ppl wanted to play HPL3 and were complaining how they didn't get to spectate hindivivour :blobthumbsup:
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Manager: Snak (PS: SNAK30PRA)
Timezone: +8 GMT
List of Accomplishments: Managed to be a manager in some discord PL's, beat a few big names like egalvanc, BIHI, and Garay Oak once in Smogon Tour weeks, the discord PL I am currently managing in, I have helped rise my team's morale and they are making a possible comeback, I have started to play Pokemon Showdown in late 2020, and learned how to adapt to new tiers quickly and finding my way out of certain doom, although I do not have any resume of official PLs, give me a chance, and I won't disappoint.
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UPL Champion
Manager: GeniusFromHoenn /Hoennseptile
Timezone: gmt+5.5
List of accomplishments: I have been around the hindi community for the last 2 years. I know it well, and I have also been around the Ubers community for a long while now, I was a driving force in the Manly Melmetal since I ended up in 3-1. I have some experience as a cap though, I have managed some side discord's team tournaments. I also was a hpl player during the last edition, so I'm used to the format.
Looking forward to the tour regardless I'm picked or not :psyglad:


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Manager: Seo
Co-Manager: jonfilch
Timezone: idk what timezone i am, jon is gmt-4

Jonfilch has managed twice before, oraspl where he took his team to finals and more recently MPL VIII where his team won the tour. He has played in 2 SPLs and multiple Lower-tier / other-meta PLs so he is very familiar with different player-bases. I have 2 degrees and started a family at the age of 19.
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